The Ritual Box - Radiant Skin

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We present you the 7 essentials that symbolize holistic beauty, the union and balance of body, soul and mind. These are the basic pieces that you must have in your beauty ritual and make your skin shine.

This box contains a Selection of Spanish and sustainable brands, founded by women who respect the nature of your being and our planet. Each piece is handmade and 100% natural. We have chosen them especially for you, so that you can live the experience of a unique beauty ritual.

What does the Ritual Box include?

Part 1 Protective Elixir - Nourish and protect skin from the outside in with this potent superfood. | €46
Part 2 Ceramic Gua Sha - Gently massage to firm the grounded skin. | €30
Part 3 Skin Radiance Infusion - Beauty from within, enhances the radiance of the skin. | €21.50
Part 4 Dry Brush - Cleanses, exfoliates and energizes the skin by activating facial circulation. | €30
Piece 5 Scrunchies - A handmade hair tie, with recycled linen, for the comfort of your ritual. | €15.00
Piece 6 Stone Mala - Meditate, Inhale, Expire consciously to support the skin from within. | €20
Piece 7 GIFT Visual Poem by the illustrator Lucia Conradi. A set of sheets distributed in each box and together they form part of a whole, a single work. | Value €100

*Limited units