Our philosophy

MEER & FORST was born to to support, prepare and protect the skin from all daily exposure. We want you to trust us and nature to revitalize your skin.

We are inspired by the beauty of nature to offer a line of pure and simple products with the main objective of stimulating the natural processes of the skin to self-clean, self-repair, self-hydrate and self-protect. Preparing and protecting it from environmental aggressions has become our necessity.

Our Ingredients and Formulation

We explore nature in each of its biomes and carefully select our ingredients depending on their functionality, effectiveness and safety. The selected ingredients are of high quality and are obtained in the purest way respecting their nature, without altering their composition through cold pressing, distillation, natural drying, infusions, macerations among others.

The formulas have been designed to purify, strengthen, balance, revitalize and protect vitality in all skin types, each product is created from a research-based blend of stimulant and biocompatible ingredients, rich enzymes, vitamins, minerals and acids fatty. Due to its versatility, each formula can be combined and mixed depending on the needs of each skin in particular with the aim of maintaining balance, repairing and restoring, seeking the same result, healthy and radiant skin.

Our Process and Commitment

The production process is handcrafted, with all the attention and human delicacy, in a clean way, without preservatives and synthetic fragrances, without silicone, sulfates, dyes, or ingredients of animal origin. We create small batches to ensure the freshness and effectiveness of each of the formulas.

For the design of our products we follow strict and minimalist standards, we eliminate any filler ingredients. We are looking for distributors who responsibly source our natural and organic ingredients and conscientious, local manufacturers. With our packaging we prioritize sustainable and responsibly sourced packaging materials from biodegradable shipping labels and boxes, recyclable glass containers, and we are also committed to minimizing waste and footprint.