The Glowing Ritual

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House of Rowdy is hosting a Living Cosmetics workshop with Meer & Forst.

Join us this February 26 and learn how to make your own organic cosmetics. Discover all the properties of nature to balance and nurture your skin.

Meer & Forst will teach you how to make the best combination of ingredients for each stage of your skin. Make yourself glow while taking care of the planet.

A ritual to connect with the beauty of your being and return to your natural rhythm.

The workshop will include:

* Welcome infusion .
* Key beauty concepts and skin care consultation .
* Glowing ritual (with DIY cleanser).
* Skin journaling.

Sunday, February 26th / 11:00am - 1:00pm / House of Rowdy , Carrer de Joan d'Austria, 55, 08005 Barcelona.