Chamomile, a Magic Plant

Manzanilla, una Planta Mágica

Matricaria Recutita

The chamomile , a magical plant, also called chamomile < / strong>, it is one of the best known and most used flowers throughout the world, it has a sweet and delicate nature.

It gets its name from the Greek camelon “apple of the earth” , due to its apple aroma. Chamomile is known as one of the most sacred flowers , a particularly resistant plant with great healing powers . This plant has long been respected.

The ancient Egyptians dedicated it to their gods, in particular the sun god, RA. They called it the "herb of the sun" , valuing it above all flowers. For the Romans it was also a sacred plant, they used it in drinks.

This magical flower is a symbol of rest and relaxation . When it comes to floral symbolism, chamomile represents "may all your dreams and wishes come true." There is something a little mystical about chamomile perfection, from the delicate flowers with white petals and yellow centers. to its intoxicating, sweet-smelling foliage.

Benefits and Properties of Chamomile

Chamomile is a deep breath for the nervous system , especially for restlessness, irritability and sensitivity . The flowers have always been used for herbal treatments, both to be ingested or to be used topically.

It is a plant that has endless properties and due to its delicacy it is suitable for use in the little ones. Chamomile helps relieve many skin irritations , such as eczema, dermatitis, dry skin and < strong> itchy, red, scaly and is especially beneficial for stressed skin , it is a key ingredient in our Vitalizer Floral , recommended for all women, mothers, pregnant and nursing mothers.

It also has relaxing, antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is useful as a topical application in minor cuts, wounds, rashes and burns. Or simply why you want to feel a splash of freshness on your skin.

How to Use Chamomile

It is a very safe and easy to use plant; topically , it has a anti-inflammatory and calming effect ; the infusion or hydrosol of chamomile is applied directly to the skin with dermatitis and wounds. It is very good for toning, smoothing and restoring the balance of inflamed skin , reducing the appearance of pores and small veins that appear near the eye area.

Drinking a chamomile infusion can bring you the serenity you need so much. Our immune system also responds wonderfully to this plant, thus improving the sensation of colds and seasonal allergies.

Chamomile infusion is also recommended for inflammations and skin breakouts that are aggravated by lymphatic congestion and food intolerances. It is also wonderful for babies.

To end the day, we recommend preparing an infusion of chamomile, known as the perfect plant to drink after dinner, helping digestion while calming the nerves.

It will relax you and help you enjoy a sound night's sleep.

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    Muchas gracias.
    Todos los productos son excelentes.
    Se nota que están fabricados con amor

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