Pure and Natural Beauty

Belleza Pura y Natural

Nature and beauty are fundamental. We know that being in contact with nature is as important to us as it is to our skin and our senses.

The beauty industry has been largely unregulated during decades. The beauty ideals currently imposed on society have impacted, and continue to negatively impact people's mental well-being, and unconsciously put us in a position of concern and insecurity with ourselves.

What is really beauty? Why do we get further and further away from our natural beauty? Do you think you fit into that "beauty standard"?

The beauty industry has been setting unattainable standards, of which they have indirectly forced us to go against our natural beauty , with the sole objective of approaching us with thousands of products where we are really not are aware of what we are putting into our body or what they are used for. If you've ever thought about whether or not you fit into that imposed "beauty standard", it's time to change your perspective, because real beauty is being true to yourself, to your nature, your style and what each one of us considers beautiful.

The important thing about beauty is to understand it, to be conscious and constant.

Why does the way the beauty industry has traditionally operated have to change?

The skin needs carry out its essential process of cleansing, detoxification, repair, hydrated and defense. excessive use of cosmetic products and very powerful ingredients weakens and makes it more susceptible to have skin problems. Most of the time we make the mistake of believing that our skin works independently, we treat it as if it were just a beautifying shield and it is not, skin is incredible and efficient, it is the largest organ in your body.

The skin keeps water inside the body, regulates temperature , protects the internal organs , removes toxins and transform sunlight into vitamin D , one of the most important nutrients the skin needs. The skin cleanses itself, through sweat, sebum and lymphatic drainage. It also exfoliates and hydrates, so why do we always have it covered with layers and layers of cosmetic products?

Currently we can find a great variety of harmful substances within cosmetic products, but the demand for natural products is increasing between 8% and 10% each year and as consumers we are being more aware of the environmental impact and we demand more ethical products.

MEER & FORST wants you to trust yourself, your skin. We want you to love it as it is. We want to show you how simple a supporting routine can be, and how you can reduce the average number of products, thus eliminating the thousands of unnecessary ingredients that we apply to the skin every day.

Don't forget to be aware of every habit of your life, explore nature, connect with your senses, and guide yourself to a simple, intuitive and sustainable beauty style.

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  • Estoy encantada cómo actúa el Vitalizador Floral y Elixir Protector en la piel. Noto la piel fresca y suave. Las manchas de Melasma están más atenuadas. El aroma de los productos son expectaculares !!!

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